PARsource Spotlight Vol. 13 Issue 5


FEATURED PRODUCT - PARsource Color Correcting Safety Glasses

PARsource Color Correcting Safety Glasses

PARsource safety glasses are specifically designed to reduce glare from HID warm spectrum grow lamps, allowing you to see your plants in a more natural light. The special lens coloring makes it easier to identify pests and disease problems without having to turn off grow lights. They also protect the eye from UV and IR rays.


  • Reduces glare from HID warm spectrum grow lamps
  • Special lens coloring allows you to easily identify pests and diseases
  • Protects eyes from UV and IR rays

Use item code LUGP when ordering.

Click HERE for more informaition on PARsource's Color Correcting Safety Glasses.


Light bulbs are described by designated shape name and diameter codes. This is usually presented in a letter-number format such as T25.

The leading letter(s) indicates the shape of the bulbs. For example, the "T" represents a tubular shaped bulb.

The second digit represents the diameter of the bulb. In the US, these numbers indicate the maximum diameter in eights of an inch. In other parts of the world, this measurement is given in milimeters. For example, the US bulb R20, signifies a measurement of 20/8 or 2.5" in diameter.

Sometimes a third digit is listed as a letter, with this letter referring to the length of the bulb.

Some of the common bulb shapes are:

Blown Tubular
(E), (ED)
 Blown Tubular  Elliptical  Tubular

SPECIAL PROMOTION - 600W/347V Electronic Ballasts

PARsource' s600W/347V electronic ballasts are now on sale. These are new electronic ballasts that come with our standard 2-year warranty. To order the ballasts, use the product code GLE6347A. Offer limited to supply on hand.

Benefits of Electronic Ballasts:

  • More lumen output than magnetic ballasts
  • Silent operation
  • Smaller and lightweight compared to magnetic ballasts
  • High energy efficiency

Pair the GLE6347A with the following components for an attached system:

  • Reflector: GLS55100A
  • High Pressure Sodium lamp: BUSD600PE


Follow the steps below to diagnose the cause of dim lights/low output.

  1. Replace the lamp with another brand to see if you get the same results. If uou get the same results, preceed to the next step.
  2. Check voltage supply to see if there is low voltage.
  3. If on multi-tap ballast, verify if the electrical connection is on the proper voltage tap.
  4. Check for loose electrical connection on the capacitors. Verify capacitor is wired properly within the circuit.
  5. If your low light output problem persists, the cause is probably a defective or incorrect capacitor. Replace your capacitor.