PARsource Spotlight Vol. 13 Issue 2


Interested in a light layout? We will gladly provide you with a professional light layout, you will need to complete our Light Request Form. This provides us with all the information to provide you with a more accurate layout.

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PARsource's Beamflicker™ is an innovative and efficient photoperiod control light system. The Beamflicker™ has an oscillating parabolic reflector with a high intensity sodium lamp that broadcasts beams of light from one end of the greenhouse to the other, providing intermittent light across the entire crop. This system is for photoperiod control and is not recommended for supplemental light needs.

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When installing a new lamp it is highly recommended that you run the lamp continuously for a minumum of 12 hours. This will increase lamp life, lumen mainenance, and stability of the lamp by allowing the gasses in the arc tube to become completely combined.

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