PARsource Spotlight Vol. 13 Issue 1


We have redesigned our website to make it more user-friendly. You can now access all of our sales sheets and product information, making it easier for you to service your customers. We will continue to add new FAQs, Featured Articles, and Lighting Tips to keep you abreast of our products and changes in the industry.


When installing a light system of more than 30 fixtures, it is best to stagger the start and shut down of the fixtures. Program your controller to make sure that no more than 30 lights come on or shut down at the same time. Programming a 5 second start time between each batch of lights should be sufficient.

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New vertical ballast design

Our attached magnetic ballasts have been redesigned and now come ina new vertical design. This new design offers the flexibility of an attached or remote unit along with ease of installation.

Our top-of-the-line magnetic units encased in durable all-aluminum housing, powered by only the best UL/CSA recognized, electrical components. Natural convection cooling and offset, high/low, component orientation allows the capacitor to run cooler than any other magnetic unit on the market. Cool-running capacitors are the key to long life and continued high light output.