PARsource Spotlight Vol. 12 Issue 3

NEW PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT - 600 Watt Electronic Ballasts

PARsource has introduced a new, wider range of 600 watt electronic ballasts. We now offer 600W electronic ballasts in 277 and 347 volts. These voltages are perfect for commercial applications and the 347V is for our Canadian customers. These new ballasts are in stock and available for immediate shipping.

PARsource electronic ballasts are more efficient than traditional magnetic ballasts and are compatible with both high pressure sodium and metal halide lamps. Visit our website for more information on our electronic ballasts.



With more than 36 years of combined experience, PARsource's talented production team builds and tests your orders in our domestic headquarters. Our dedicated in-house production teams allows PARsoruce to manufacture custom combinations to meet your specific needs; putting your orders througth rigorous testing and quality checks to ensure you receive the best product possible.


The use of supplemental lighting during plug production of bedding plants has been proven to be very advantageous with minimal cost.

  1. The cost of supplemental lighting is less than $0.02 per plug.
  2. Beneficial results include:
    - Larger transplants with thicker stems and more leaves
    - Earlier flowering
    - Increased root growth, leading to earlier transplanting
    - Reduced crop time resulting in more crop cycles per session


Some lamps require a 12-hour "burn in" period in order to ignite consistently. Remember that failure to "burn in" your lamps can result in shorter lamp life. For more Helpful Hints, visit the FAQ section at