Sunburst CMh

Sunburst CMh
Sunburst CMH

The Sunburst CMh system combines the reflector and ballast into a single unit that brings the benefits of ceramic metal halide lighting to small spaces in the Sunburst’s compact, all-in-one format.

The Sunburst CMh has a built-in digital ballast designed specifically to run the 315W ceramic metal halide lamp, which in this system operates in the horizontal position. The reflector’s interior is 95% European hammertone aluminum and offers excellent uniformity and diffusion.

Choose between lamp color temperature options of 3100K (this item, SBCMH31531K) and 4200K (item SBCMH31542K) to meet your specific growing needs. 

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  • Compact, all-in-one design
  • Philips 3100K CMh lamp included (SBCMH31531K) Philips 4200K CMh lamp Included (SBCMH31542K)
  • Runs 315W ceramic metal halide lamp
  • 95% European hammertone aluminum reflector interior
  • Vented design for maximum heat dissipation
  • Dual input voltage 120-240V 


  • Sunburst CMh 315W fixture
  • Two reflector hanging hooks
  • 8' grounded power cord – 120V (5-15P plug)
  • Lamp (see product chart for specific lamp)


  • 8' grounded power cord – 240V (6-15P plug) (Item code: BACD6)

Sunburst CMh Kits and Components


SMCMH31531K Sunburst CMh 315W / 3100 K Lamp 120-240V 315

3.0 (120V)

1.5 (240V)

11.5 19 In L x 9 In W x 5 In H
SBCMH31542K Sunburst CMh 315W/4200 K Lamp  120-240V 315

3.0 (120V)

1.5 (240V)

11.5 19 In L x 9 In W x 5 In H