Single T5 Fixture

Single Fixture Stand

Single T5 Fluorescent Fixture

The T5 High Performance Grow Light Reflector Kit includes uniquely designed hardware that allows you to link multiple reflectors together.

Now you can easily create a light configuration tailored to suit your specific growing area. The T5 Kit fits most T5 fluorescent grow lights and includes special “linking” hardware.


  • Super reflective interior finish directs more light energy to your plants
  • Increases efficiency of any T5 grow light
  • Hang it any way you like – use it as a center light, down light, or side light
  • Daisy chain up to 8 units and connect in numerous configurations
  • Great for limited growing space areas
  • 1-year warranty

Application Notes: 

  • Use for seed starting
  • Perfect for germination chambers
  • Under the bench lighting
  • Tissue culture racks
  • Limited growing space needs

T5 Fixtures and Accessories

FLT514 Single 4 ft T5 CFL/54W Tube Fixture 1½ lbs. 1.9" W x 53.3" L x 1.3" H
FLT54KT T5 4 ft Kit w/Reflector Kit w/Hardware 1½ lbs. 3.5" W x 54.1" L x 2.8" H
FLT5HP4 T5 4 ft System w/Fixture/Hardware/4 ft T5 Strip, Tube & Cord 3 lbs. 2.9" W x 54.2" L x 3.6"H
JS10059 4 ft Single Fixture Stand 7 lbs. 3.7" W x 32.2" L x 2.2" H