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Agrosun 1000W Red

Agrosun Bulbs

Exclusive to PARsource, Agrosun bulbs offer an enhanced spectrum for increased quality and growth.

These specially designed bulbs promote large blooms, resulting in increased volume and quantity.

The unmatched performance and durability of PARsource's Agrosun bulbs outshine the competition.


  • More lumen output & more energy efficient than magnetic ballasts
  • Run fewer fixtures for same light, resulting in equipment & energy savings
  • Silent operation
  • Smaller, lighter weight
    –7 to 11 lbs.; easier to install
    –Less shadow on greenhouse crop
  • For use with metal halide or high pressure sodium bulbs
    –Added flexibility for specific light wavelength selection


  • Ballast with lamp cord
  • 8' power cord and plug to match requested voltage
  • Remote ballast system
  • “C” brackets
  • Hanging bar


  • Extension cord for remote applications (Item CSXCORD)

Product Specifications

BUHL1THUVSMG Agrosun Gold Halide 1000W 1000 Halide 3K 110,000 Universal 12,000
BUSUHL1THHZAS Agrosun Gold Halide 1000W 1000 Halide 3K 118,500 Horizontal 12,000
BUSUHL400HZAS Agrosun Gold Halide 400W 400 Halide 3K 40,000 Horizontal 20,000

BUSD1AG Agrosun Red Sodium 1000W 1000 HPS 2K 146,000 Universal 24,000
BUSD600AG Agrosun Red Sodium 600W 600 HPS 2K 90,000 Universal 24,000
BUSD430AG Agrosun Red Sodium 430W 430 HPS 2K 58,000 Universal 24,000