powerPAR™ LED Lamps

powerPAR™ White LED Lamp
powerPAR™ White LED Lamp

powerPAR™ LED Lamps

PARsource's powerPAR LED lamps deliver spectrum specific light directly onto targeted plants. This advanced light source is sophisticated in technology, yet exceptionally easy to operate. The compact design fits into standard E26 sockets (standard incandescent light bulb sockets) for ease of installation.

The lamps are an excellent choice for use in germination chambers, indoor growing, low hanging applications and supplementary spectrum enhancement. Use the white lamp for general growing applications in small areas. The basic coverage is a one square foot area at 18" to 24" above the crop


  • Superior thermal design for heat management allows the lamp to run efficiently for long periods of time.
  • Power supply: 120v or 240v AC
  • Power usage: 15W
  • Rated life: 50,000 hours
  • Runs off 120-240v AC
  • 4.8"l x 4.8" w x 5.6" h
  • 3 year warranty
  • CE, FCC & RoHS Certifications
  • Weight: 1.5lbs


  • 8" Clamping Light Fixture (SKU: LGRP674)
    - Conveniently attaches to frame members for precise positioning

Application Notes: 

  • Germination chambers
  • Indoor growing
  • Photoperiod applications
  • Low hanging applications
  • Tiered growing environments
  • Supplemental spectrum enhancement

powerPAR™ LED Bulb Specifications

PPB1004 powerPAR™ Far Red LED Lamp 15W Far Red

Promotes stem elongation and inhibits branching.

PPB1001 powerPAR™ Red LED Lamp 15W Red

Inhibits stem elongation and promotes branching. Used to enhance the flowering stages of growth. Also enhances photoperiod responses.

PPB1002 powerPAR™ Blue LED Lamp 15W Blue

Works with continual light as a booster that will promote stem growth and reduce internodal length.

PPB1003 powerPAR™ White LED Lamp 15W White General purpose LED grow light carries various plants through the whole growth cycle.
LGRP674 8" Clamping Light Fixture     Conveniently attaches to frame members for precise light positioning.