Phantom DE Commercial Remote Light System

Phantom Commerical DE Remote Light System
DE 1000Zh Enclosed Reflector


The Phantom Commercial Double-Ended remote light system is one of the premium double-ended light systems in the PARsource line.

This remote system combines our premium variable-wattage Phantom ballast with one of our double-ended reflectors and our high-PAR Agrosun DE high-pressure sodium lamp. Connecting the ballast and reflector with one of our remote cords, this system brings versatility as it allows the ballast to be positioned in a cooler, more easily accessible area in the greenhouse while the reflector is positioned over the plants, providing sufficient light to the canopy.

The commercial-grade ballast is designed with a high-precision smart microprocessor, contributing to highly efficient operation and extremely reliable performance. It has four-way dimming capabilities: 60%, 75%, 100%, and Super Boost (up to 1150W lamp output). Additional features include an LED status indicator, internal RF shielding, patented ignition control and end of lamp life signal. Its auto restrike feature protects valuable lamps from damaging power interruptions. This lightweight 8-pound ballast is suitable for use in damp locations, making it ideal for greenhouse applications. The Phantom Commercial DE Ballast comes in multiple voltages and can be used with our PX1 controller for single source control and flexibility.

Choose between our open and enclosed reflectors designed specifically for double-ended lamps, which deliver maximum PAR output with superior uniformity. The compact sized reflectors incorporate 95% European hammertone aluminum with a reflector engineered to deliver 94% efficiency, allowing growers to significantly reduce the number of fixtures needed for growing success. The Agrosun DE lamp delivers higher PAR and lumen output as well as higher lumens per watt ratings than leading competitors’ lamps, as proven by independent lab testing. With a high PAR output of 2100 μmol/s (1000W), the premium double-ended European lamp is specifically designed for high frequency electronic ballasts.


  • Remote design allows for positioning versatility for many applications
  • Reflector-only placement over the plant provides smaller footprint allowing more natural light to penetrate the plant in a greenhouse
  • Remote ballasts can be placed in cooler regions, resulting in a longer life
  • Four-way dimming capabilities
  • Diagnostic LED status indicators and built-in protection shut-offs
  • Premium European hammertone aluminum reflectors for higher efficiency and maximum PAR output
  • European-made VS K12 x 305 high temperature lamp holders
  • Premium Agrosun high PAR 2100 μmol lamps
  • Compatible with the PX1 controller


  • Phantom Commercial DE ballast
  • Open or Enclosed DE reflector
  • Agrosun high output DE lamp
  • 15' remote cord (CSXCORD)


  • Ballast hanging c-bracket bar (GLX55025)

Application Notes: 

  • Use with Commercial 1000W DE ballasts and compatible 1000W HPS double-ended lamps

Phantom Commercial DE Remote Light System 

PHDEKIT1 DE 1000W 240V Open Commercial Remote PHB4015- 208/240V
PHDEKIT2 DE 1000W 120/240V Open Commercial Remote PHB4010- 120/208/240V
PHDEKIT3 DE 1000W 277V Open Commercial Remote PHB4020- 277V
PHDEKITS1 DE 1000W 240V Enclosed Commercial Remote PHB4015- 208/240V
PHDEKITS2 DE 1000W 240V Enclosed Commercial Remote PHB4010- 120/208/240V
PHDEKITS3 DE 1000W 277V Enclosed Commercial Remote PHB4020- 277V