• GE Lux PSL 600 Watt Bulb
    SE GE Lucalox™ PSL Premium Horticultural HID Lamps The GE Lucalox™ PSL lamp is specially designed for greenhouse use. The lamps offer the benefits of stable lumen and micromole maintenance and a full spectrum content that promotes photosynthesis...Learn more
  • T12 CMh Lamp
    CMh Lamps The T12 type CMh lamps offer a compact and efficient metal halide solution for the horticulture market. This lamp provides outstanding performance over the life of the product.Learn more
  • Digilux Pro Double-Ended High Par Lamp
    Digilux Pro Double-Ended HPS High Par Lamp The Digilux DX1000DE double-ended HPS lamp combines high efficiency with superior lamp life expectancy. Its 2000K color temperature and 2100 μmol/s PAR rating make it an excellent choice for any...Learn more
  • Agrosun Lamps
    SE Agrosun HID Lamps Agrosun Bulbs Exclusive to PARsource, Agrosun bulbs offer an enhanced spectrum for increased quality and growth. These specially designed bulbs promote large blooms, resulting in increased volume and...Learn more
  • GE Arize™ Greenhouse Pro Photoperiod LED Lamp, 10W, , box of 10
    GE Arize™ Greenhouse Pro Photoperiod LED Lamp, 10W Arize™ Greenhouse Pro Engineered for today’s thriving flowering Greenhouses The Arize Greenhouse Pro LED lamp is designed to facilitate greenhouse photoperiod control. Photoperiod control allows...Learn more
  • GE HID Lamp
    SE GE HID Lamps GE High Intensity Discharge Lamps GE High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps offer stable lumen and effective spectral output that is essential for supplemental greenhouse lighting. The Ecolux® HPS...Learn more
  • Agrosun Double-Ended Lamp
    DE Agrosun HID Lamps The Agrosun DE lamp delivers higher PAR and lumen output as well as higher lumens per watt ratings than leading competitors’ lamps, as proven by independent lab testing. With a high PAR output of...Learn more