Fluorescent Lighting

  • Quantum T5 12-tube fixture
    Quantum Fluorescent T5 Lighting Systems The Quantum Commercial T5 Light system is the premium T5 system in the PARsource line. The collapsible design allows for easy setup and compact storage and uses Fulham electronic ballasts to power 54...Learn more
  • T5 System hung horizontally
    T5 FLT Fluorescent Lighting Series The FLT Series T5 Light system is the standard T5 system in the PARsource line. The FLT Series T5 lighting system is an energy efficient, highly reflective system that utilizes T5 fluorescent tubes...Learn more
  • Single T5 Fixture Single T5 Fluorescent Fixture The T5 High Performance Grow Light Reflector Kit includes uniquely designed hardware that allows you to link multiple reflectors together. Now you can easily create a...Learn more