Daystar AC

Finest German specular aluminum, 99.85% Reflectivity

For Growth Chambers & Climate Controlled Growing Areas

The Daystar AC is the answer for those wanting high performance coupled with air cooling potential. Utilizing the same patented double-wall design and reflective materials as our GLX unit, the two 6" built-on flanges allow for passive cooling.

Performance, Reliability & Value

Our reflector designs are initiated by grower feedback, and implemented by our team of engineers in conjunction with premier lighting design engineers. The result is the best combination of efficiency (highest amount of light) and uniformity (no hot spots) on the market.


  • Light delivery similar to GLX Reflector
  • Uses MIRO 95% reflective material
    - Delivers broad, even coverage from a minimal fixture footprint
  • 6" opening for improved air cooling
    - Patented 3-way Air Cooling (US PAT 6,595,662 B2)
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Includes improved fully sealed tempered glass lens
  • 1-year warranty


  • Tempered glass lens
  • Hangers
  • Built-in socket with 15ft cordset


  • Daystar Wire Mesh Cover

Application Notes: 

  • Use with growth chambers and climate controlled growing areas
  • Use with high pressure sodium or metal halide lamps
  • Can handle up to 1000 watt lamps
  • Available only for remote systems


DA6AC Daystar AC Reflector w/ Lens, Cord & Socket 15 lbs. 12.5"W x 22.75"L x 8.75"H
DA6AV Daystar Refletor Wire Mesh Cover, 2 Pack .26 lbs. 5.90"W x 5.90"L x 1.18"H