HID Lighting

  • Phantom Double-Ended Ballast
    DE Commercial Electronic Ballast The Phantom Commercial Double-Ended Electronic Ballast is the premium double-ended ballast in the PARsource line. Used with the USB interface, it is uniquely operable either attached or remotely,...Learn more
  • Magnetic Ballast
    Magnetic Ballasts The PARsource Commercial Magnetic Ballast is the premium magnetic ballast in the PARsource line. Each ballast is encased in an all-aluminum housing and is powered by only the best UL/CSA-recognized...Learn more
  • Electronic Ballast
    Electronic Ballasts Electronic Ballasts Next generation electronic ballasts are more efficient compared to traditional magnetic ballasts. The internal electronic microprocessor allows the ballast to run at a higher...Learn more
  • PARsource Commercial Electronic Ballast
    PARsource Commercial Electronic Ballast The new PARsource Commercial Electronic Ballast is the premium single-ended electronic ballast in the PARsource line. This ballast features enhanced “Smart” light indicators for ease of maintenance...Learn more