New Products

Since 1991, PARsource has developed the best available horticultural lighting products. Our in-house R&D staff, combined with Lighting Sciences, Inc. (LSI: America's foremost lighting engineers), have made PARsource the leader in high performance greenhouse lighting. As a result, PARsource offers some of the most efficient light fixtures in the industry.

  • Active Aqua Infinity Series Bench Trays
    Active Aqua Infinity Series Bench Trays The infinity series bench trays are an array of 4 ’’ wide premium ABS panels that work together to create custom length bench trays. These 4 ’ and 8 ’ length center trays interlock with 4 ’ end trays... Learn more
  • Digilux Pro Double-Ended High Par Lamp
    Digilux Pro Double-Ended HPS High Par Lamp The Digilux DX1000DE double-ended HPS lamp combines high efficiency with superior lamp life expectancy. Its 2000K color temperature and 2100 μmol/s PAR rating make it an excellent choice for any... Learn more
  • Active Aqua Premium Flood Tables
    Active Aqua Flood Tables Active Aqua’s Flood Tables are versatile and easy to use. These tables can be used in flood & drain, DWC, RDWC, and aquaponics applications. These heavy-duty, full ID flood tables are rigid,... Learn more
  • Lighting Cabinet
    Lighting Cabinet The PARsource Lighting panel and cabinet is designed and built to your specific greenhouse lighting project. The cabinet is UL/CSA rated and comes with a full set of engineered submittal... Learn more
  • Phantom Commercial DE Attached Light System
    Phantom Commercial DE Attached Light System The Phantom Commercial Double-Ended Attached Light System is one of the premium double-ended light systems in the PARsource line. Available in 750 and 1000 watts and multiple voltages, this attached... Learn more
  • Phantom Commerical DE Remote Light System
    Phantom DE Commercial Remote Light System The Phantom Commercial Double-Ended remote light system is one of the premium double-ended light systems in the PARsource line. This remote system combines our premium variable-wattage Phantom... Learn more
  • Vertical Grow Shelf System
    Vertical Grow Shelf System The Vertical Grow Shelf System offers versatile fixture mounting and adjustable shelves, allowing flexibility to grow various plant types. The VGS is available as three-shelf or six-shelf units; all... Learn more
  • JS LED Strip
    JS LED Strip The JS LED Strip fixtures are among the finest horticultural LED strip lighting products available for today’s indoor growing enthusiasts and professionals. They have been specially developed to... Learn more
  • Sunburst CMh
    Sunburst CMh The Sunburst CMh system combines the reflector and ballast into a single unit that brings the benefits of ceramic metal halide lighting to small spaces in the Sunburst’s compact, all-in-one format... Learn more
  • SolarSystem Commercial Series LED
    SolarSystem Commercial Series LED The SolarSystem series of LED fixtures for greenhouse and research come with three-channel programmable spectrum control utilizing red, white and blue portions of the light spectrum. 200-800 watts of... Learn more
  • Phantom Double-Ended Ballast
    Phantom DE Commercial Remote Electronic Ballast The Phantom Commercial Double-Ended Electronic Ballast is the premium double-ended ballast in the PARsource line. Used with the USB interface, it is uniquely operable either attached or remotely,... Learn more